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    Lost & Found

    Have you lost a pet or found a stray?  The Jackson County Animal Shelter is dedicated to reuniting our pets with owners! 

    Are you missing a pet?

    The Shelter works with local organizations to catalogue found pets.  If you are missing a pet, click on one of the links below to see if your pet has been found by a local community member.

    If you do find a photo in the links above that resembles your pet, contact the Shelter immediately to inform the Shelter that you believe your missing pet may be one of those listed.  You will be required to physically visit the Shelter to properly identify and reclaim your missing animal.  Know that your quick action to reclaim your pet is very important!  Please bring proof of ownership which includes one of the following: rabies certificate, veterinary records, photo(s).

    Stray animals must be held past the legal State holding period of 72 hours that have not yet been identified in person.  All animals reclaimed from the Shelter must be current on rabies vaccinations according to State laws.  There are fees associated with reclaiming your pet; however, the fees vary depending on how your animal was brought to the Shelter, length of stay, and procedures required by law prior to being released from custody.

    Have you found a pet?

    If you have found a stray, you have two options to help reunite that pet with its owner.  During business hours, you may bring a found pet to the Shelter.  After business hours, please contact 828-586-1911 to see what options can be provided outside of normal business hours.