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    Animal Bites

    If you are bitten by an animal, follow these steps:

    • Get the animal's owner's information to include name, phone number, and other identifying information.
    • Have a description of the biting animal.  Collar, tags, ID, breed, color, sex and any other distinct identifying features.
    • Clean the wound thoroughly with soap and warm water.
    • Contact your physician for additional care and advice.  Ask if you need a tetanus shot of other vaccinations.
    • Report the bite to Jackson County Animal Control by calling 828-586-6138 or 828-586-1911 (after hours).

    Nuisance Animals

    Jackson County Animal Control recommends following the steps below when dealing with nuisance animals.

    • Approach the owners of the nuisance animal in a neighborly manner to discuss the behavior of the animal.  If at any time you feel uncomfortable approaching the owner of the animal, call Animal Control.
    • If you don’t have success speaking to its owner, document any issues you have with the animal including photos and/or witnesses.
    • Call Animal Control at 828-586-6138 to explain the issues you are experiencing.  An Officer can come out and speak with the animal’s owner.
    • If the problem persists, you may file charge for a nuisance violation with the magistrate at the Jackson County Justice Center.

    You have the right to file charges with the magistrate at any time when dealing with nuisance animals.  Jackson County Animal Control recommends following the above steps with hopes of reconciling any issues prior to filing charges.

    Report Abuse & Neglect

    The Shelter works closely with the Jackson County Sheriff's Office and the Sylva Police Department to report animal abuse and neglect. To report abuse, neglect, or animal cruelty in Sylva, please contact the the Sylva Police Department at 828-586-2916.  To report abuse, neglect, or animal cruelty in Jackson County, please contact the Sheriff's Office at 828-586-4355.


    Most experts on animal welfare agree-- spaying/neutering your pet is the most effective way to curb pet overpopulation and has many other benefits.  Below is a list of some spay/neuter resources in our community:

    Low Cost Vaccination Clinics

    The Shelter works annually with local partners to facilitate low cost vaccine clinics for our community.  Keeping our pets current on vaccinations is essential for their health and helps prevent deadly disease and high veterinary bills.

    Other Local Partners

    The Shelter knows that there is much work to be done to ensure that all animals in our community are cared for.  The Shelter is proud to partner with local organizations to serve our community-- both human and furry.

    Emergency Preparedness

    It is important to be prepared for any natural disaster-- storms, snow, and more.  Natural disasters can strike at any time and we want our families to be safe.  These families, of course, include our pets.  History has shown that severe flooding can devastate a community.  The Shelter urges you to prepare your pet family for such an emergency.  Visit the ASPCA's website for tips on Disaster Preparedness for Your Pet.

    Meals on Wheels

    The Shelter wants to ensure that our older adults are able to care for their animals with ease.  By partnering with the Department on Aging, the Meals on Wheels Program will deliver pet food to those seniors who may need additional assistance.  Further, the Shelter is happy to coordinate at-home rabies vaccinations for the pets of older adults who may not be able to attend a low-cost vaccination clinic.

    Pet Proofing Your Home

    Pets make great household companions and provide many benefits.  However, bringing a curious and playful pet home may cause some disruption-- pets may cause damage to fragile possessions or may be exposed to harmful substances.  Prepare your home for your new pet by learning ways to "pet proof" your home.  A sample resource is below: