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    The Jackson County Animal Shelter believes that both pets and people deserve to live in a safe community together.  Learn more about the services offered by our Shelter, animals available for adoption, and ways you can help by checking out the links on this website.



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    December 2015

    The Jackson County Animal Shelter works tirelessly for the animals of our community.  Though much work has been done, much work exists to improve the Shelter for the sake of our pet community.  In August 2015, the Jackson County Board of Commissioners appointed an Animal Shelter Task Force (JCACT).  The JCACT was tasked to develop ideas and strategies aimed at identifying ways to improve the Shelter facilities and public perception.  Currently, the Shelter:

    • Is greater than 30 years old
    • Doesn't have back-up power in case of a power outage
    • Doesn't have adequate space to house animals in need
    • Is difficult to secure and protect

    If able to follow best practices, a new Shelter could:

    • House more animals in need
    • Provide adequate power and heating/air for animals
    • Collect and store pet food for owners unable to purchase said food
    • Provide temporary care for pets whose owners are hospitalized or experiencing domestic violence situations
    • Have a "get acquainted" area to help animals adjust

    What would an ideal Shelter look like to you?  Let us know!  Contact Chris Tyson, Lead Animal Control Officer, at 828.586.6138.  Let our County Commissioners know that this is a priority for our community!